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Netflix serie binch watcher

recent gekeken:
- Suits
- Lucifer
- Umbrella Academy
- Russian Doll
- Gotham
- Jessica Jones
- Hip hop evolution
- Daredevil
- Disenchanted
- Better Call Saul
- Archer
- Grimm
- Peaky Blinders
- Love
- Dark
- The punisher
- Big mouth

Netflix series

The IT-crowd - The big bang theory - Little Britain

Zie favorite films :p


Satire, zoals De Ideale Wereld
Canvas programmas.
BBC Earth documentaires.
Rick and Morty

The Big Bang Theory. Futurama. Game Of Thrones. Gotham.

Doctor Who | Californication | Bojack Horseman | Rick and Morty

Curb your Enthusiasm

The greatest hypnotist on planet Earth is an oblong box in the corner of the room. It is constantly telling us what to believe is real.

Six feet under, The Office US, Parks And Recreations

peaky blinders
manhunt unabomber

[CSI Miami]
[CSI New York]
[Drake & Josh]
[Het Huis Anubis]
[House M D]
[FC De Kampioenen]
[De Elfenheuvel]

Judge Judy, Killjoy's, Walking Dead

The soprano's, Narcos , House of Cards, Friends,

Breaking Bad, Weeds, Fargo, Rome, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Peaky Blinders

Criminal Minds / Lethal Weapon / Vikings / Dexter / True Blood / Sons of Anarchy / Charmed

Alle Vlaamse series

Harvey Birdman. Adventure Time. Sealab. Hey Arnold. Dexters Lab. Aqua Teen Hunger Force. HOERA.