If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask someone else first.

I can't overstand your sweetness
You should try hire a therapist to beat this
I'm being facetious, you should heed this
I'm the one who hammered the first nail in Jesus
I'm the definition of toxic
Anyone who ever got close to me got sick

Hardbody rap, God of the Serengeti
I'm a sinner, I'm the God of the seven deadly
Everything I do hard and it's legendary
I spit sixteen bars and you're dead and buried

mixing your drinks with holy water
won't cover up sins that are bound to follow

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Animal rap
The greatest hypnotist on planet Earth is an oblong box in the corner of the room. It is constantly telling us what to believe is real.
Mind games
God of the seven deadly
Lentil soup is mental fruit