Some say it's dead, but i can't forget
oranje, zwart
hardcore, metalcore, punk
25 Ta Life, 43 Urban, 50 caliber(3x),
A Dozen Furies, ACDC, Agnostic Front(1x), Angel Crew(1x), Angelskin(12x), Anti-Flag(2x), Ambush(1x), App&Dex, Ark Angel, As I Lay Dying(2x), As We Fight, A Wilhelm Scream(1x)
Bad Religion(1x), Beatdown Fury, Blood For Blood, Bloodshot(1x), Bloodsimple, Born From Pain, Boxing Crime(3x), Brickbat(4x), Brothers In Crime(1x), Bulldoze, Bun Dem Out(1x), Bury Your Dead(1x),
Caliban(1x), Capital Punishment, Casey Jones, CDC(3x), Chimaira(1x), Circle of death, Comeback Kid,
Dead Kennedy's, Death Before Dishonor(2x), Death Threat(1x), Deez Nuts, Discipline(1x), Do Or Die(2x), Dropkick Murphy's(1x), Drowning Pool(1x),
Embodiment Of Fire(9x), Embraced By Hatred, Enemy Ground(1x), E-Town Concrete, Expect The Recoil(1x),
Fat Ass(1x), Feet First, First Blood, Flogging Molly, Full Blown chaos(1x), Funeral Dress(1x),
Gorilla Biscuits,
Hatebreed(1x), Have Heart(1x), Heaven Shall Burn(1x), Heyser(2x), Hoods
Ignite(2x), I killed the prom queen, In blood we trust(5x), Iron Maiden(1x),
Johnny unstoppable(6x),
Kickback, Kill for peace(2x), Killswitch Engage(1x), King Of Clubz, Knuckledust(2x),
Lamb Of God(1x), Less Than Jake(2x) Linkin Park,
Madball, Morda(3x), Murderdolls,
Nasty(3x), Nirvana, No Turning Back(4x),
Papa Roach(1x), Parkway Drive(1x), Pearl Jam, Point Of View(3x), Pushback(1x), Pushed Too Far(12x),
Rise Against(1x),
Sacred Pledge, Screamin' Silence, Settle the score(3x), Set Your Goals, Shattered Realm, Sick Of It All(1x), Since The Flood, Six Ft. Ditch(1x), Strike With Vengeance(1x), Suicide Silence(1x), Surge of fury(7x), Sworn Enemy, System Of A Down,
Taste The Steel, Terror(2x), The Boss(4x), The Casualties(1x), The Last Charge(1x), The setup(6x), The Unseen(1x), The Warriors, Time Decides(2x), Throwdown(1x), TRC(1x), Turbonegro,
Walls Of Jericho, Waking the cadaver(1x), Whatever It Takes(1x)
SOUTH PARK, monty python, jackass, the simpsons movie, dude where's my car?
SOUTH PARK, simpsons
gitaar spelen, skateboarden, chiro
I hustle everyday!
Leeftijd 28
Geboortedatum 2/10/1991
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Cry me a fucking river, bitch
19/01/17 19:57
Collega :D
02/10/14 19:53
Gelukkige verjaardag :) x.
What happened to the passion?
06/11/08 22:11
Everyday bullshit ain't for me
is heel thuisgeraakt van breakout fest

next: reggae geel
laatste werkdag!!
break out fest !
goesting in een safke...
next up: breakout fest , reggae geel, ieperfest & pukkelpop ^^
Fight for all my brothers, and die for my family