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Geboortedatum 30/10/1989
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armed with a mind

Good is good but bad is better
Words are poisoned darts of pleasure

I think I’d miss you
even if we never met.

So tell me when you hear my heart stop
You’re the only one who knows.
Tell me when you hear my silence
There’s a possibility
I wouldn’t know

I’m only talking to you
if you wanna surf my seas

Break into my thoughts
with what’s written on your heart

If I let you in, you’d just want out.
If I tell you the truth, you’d vie for a lie.

If I spilt my guts,
it would make a mess we can’t clean up.

If you follow me, you will only get lost.
If you try to get closer, we’ll only lose touch.
You already know too much,
and you’re not going anywhere.

30/10/14 18:19
Gelukkige verjaardag! xxx
22/06/14 22:19
gij hebt echt wel ene foto waar ge meteen vrolijk van wordt :)