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Well it could be anything,
It could be the turning of the tide,
It could be, the ones you love getting
Older in the night.

But everybody dies,
It’s just a matter of time and why.
Any moment this could catch fire.
While you sleep alone tonight
I’ll be up ’til the morning light
so for now things will be alright
I know soon there will be a day
when these glazed eyes will fade away
Because the truth is I’m not okay

Was I left behind?
Someone tell me, tell me I survived.
& Don’t look so surprised that I’m home,
but just for tonight.
With rough hands and sore eyes,
so don’t speak, I am tired.
Let’s just live through this lie.

You are the better part you’ll see.
Always have and always will.
You’ll be the better part of me, for the rest of my life.
And I know I’m asking too much.
And I know I’m all control.
But, I’ll give you all I have.
It isn’t much, much at all.

Nick ♥
15/03/16 22:05
Een late happy B-day! Xxx