One, two, three
I count black sheep on my way to sleep
I can't pick these devils in my
Patterned dreams
how did i fucking get here
You forgot the place you knew
The figure carved into your arm is fading by the day
Soon it will go away
All of my life been wadin in
Water so deep now we got to swim
If I sink
I don't wanna be the one to leave my baby out
Without no bottle to drink
If I fuck up
dampgolf, zachte en harde shit
Million dollar extreme
17/01/18 05:55
16/01/18 06:22
Leeftijd 30
Geboortedatum 1/7/1989
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Woonplaats Leuven
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12/08/19 15:02
12/08/19 14:19
02/08/19 00:53
Fuck me? Fuck you!
18/07/19 13:37
fakking emo news waist
15/07/19 20:28
Maar daar ben ik geen gm
15/07/19 20:18
ik zal meedoen als gij weerwolven meedoet :s
30/06/19 19:47
hail mary
11/05/19 20:05
Wat gaat die zeggen?
07/04/19 06:51
Yoo that song is so good
15/03/19 20:54
mah maus toch, morgen ook windig okk?