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And I never wanted to love you this much
But I guess I can't help that now
You still trace my mind from time to time
Your scent in my room, my only dreams are of you
How did we get this far, why do you love my scars
You kiss my wounds at night
You made me the man I am

And I just don't want you to hate me
I know I messed up and I miss the sparkle in your eyes
When you made me realise, that I'm not on my own
I know things have changed between me and you
So I play dumb, I act like everything is fine
What we had will always be divine

Like haze on the flowers I dissapear with the sun and I can't undo what's already begun.
never thought that I would need to justify a reason
To continue in this life I lead
I fucking hate the world, I fucking hate myself.
I fucking swore I'd never feel like this
Pain Is Temporary,Glory Is Forever.
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