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Dear Diary ..
Hmmm confusing ?
No one to answer to, No one thats gonna argue, no,
And since I got the hold off me,
I’m living life now that I’m free, yeah,
Telling me to get my self together now I got my self together, yeah,
Now I made it through the weather better days are gonna get better
I’m so sorry that it didn’t work out I’m moving on,
I’m so sorry but it’s over now, the pain is goooone,
I’m putting on my Shades to cover up my eyes,
I’m jumpin in my ride, I’m heading out tonight,
I’m solo, I’m riding solo, I’m riding solo, I’m riding solo, sooloooo.
I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine,
I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky.
I’m solo, I’m riding solo, I’m riding solo, I’m riding solo, sooloooo.
Now I’m feeling how I should,
never knew single could feel this good, oh,
Stop playing miss understood,
back in the game, who knew I would, oh,
So flex how I spread my wings,
Where do i go from here,
I’ve never felt so strange,
I’ve never felt so torn,
Cause ever since u came my way,
I learned to live by you,
Now i’m on my own,
I know i need some time,
To leave all this behind,
Cause i’m still hanging on,
But i’m breathing in,
And i’m breathing out,
I’m wide awake,
But i can’t hear a sound

But baby everything’ll be okay
Everything’ll be alright
Soulmate ,tword biejestig:$ :]