I reach for you in troubled times
You spoke to me and made everything alright
I live through you, I’m by your side
It’s safe to say that you truly saved my life

Keepers of the faith
I will defend your name
Only true believers remain
The blood, the sweat we gave
Through all my joys and pains
You can’t deny the keepers of the faith

You say it’s dead,
this thing of ours is gone.
Well that’s news to me,
I’ve been misinformed.

All these years I could’ve sworn.
I moved a part of something, a movement that is no more.
welcome to the home of the blues
Then she said yea, yea
"You’re like a diamond in the rough
You’re dirty and you’re damaged
All you need’s a little love
But inside there’s a sparkle
That’ll light the stars above
And you’ll be there in the morning
When the going gets tough"
for my family
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Geboortedatum 1/11/1992
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Lords of dogtown
streetpunk,anarcopunk,hatecore,hardcore punk,OI!,acid punk,anti flag,dead kennedy's,sepultura,soulfly,rammstein,the offspring,the exploited,de heideroosjes the sex pistols,the misfits,ignite,strung out,the mad caddies,the cancerbats,rise against,US bombs,agnostic front,nofx,mxpx,tigerarmy,the casualties,joe pyler and the headshots,the nipples ,the snitser,frontline assault;funeral dress,lower class brats,cheap sex,perkele,oxymoron,the casualties,perkele,aus rotten, anti nowhere league,antidote,gewapend beton,disturbance,discipline,
Mad sin,demented are go ,hellbilly's
nekromantix,banane metalik
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memories yet to fade
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666% pure evil