I love you
for all that you are
all that you have been
and all you're yet to be

fall deeply into something indefinable. Believe me, it is a beautiful thing. Let it grow inside you until it becomes you, and then let it grow some more.

and when the indefinable becomes the familiar, then i urge you to keep going, to keep finding, there will always be more. that is your role, to keep on experiencing yourself until you know so much that it terrifies you.
Welcome to my broken home
more than 1 year with my boo. T.
gisteren rozen gekregen van het liefje,
vandaag is het zijn verassingsfeestje
i'm staring at the hotel ceiling
drinking everything i find this evening
14/06/16 19:09
21/11/14 14:47
02/11/14 14:09
01/09/14 20:36
the only rule is that there are no rules
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Geboortedatum 6/9/1994
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this world is a prison, but i swear it won't be the death of me
05/10/14 19:58
Gelukkig maar :)
05/10/14 18:11
Je kan niet meer dan je best doen :)
02/10/14 22:43
Haha da's goed, u zeker niet forceren meisje! :)
02/10/14 19:57
Amai :o
02/10/14 19:52
Het begint wel door te wegen dat werken, gaap