As long as ur going up n down ur good
Set me on fire
I don't belong
You niggas said 4L
But the shit got real and you weren't concerned
The same old story, the world spins 'round and 'round, fam
Lessons have to get learned
Well, to begin with, nobody, and I mean nobody, can talk a junkie out of using. You can talk to 'em for years but sooner or later they're gonna get ahold of something. Maybe it's not dope. Maybe it's booze, maybe it's glue, maybe it's gasoline. Maybe it's a gunshot to the head. But something. Something to relieve the pressures of their everyday life, like having to tie their shoes.
dampgolf, zachte en harde shit
Million dollar extreme
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16/01/18 06:22
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now that I like
11/05/19 20:05
Wat gaat die zeggen?
07/04/19 06:51
Yoo that song is so good
15/03/19 20:54
mah maus toch, morgen ook windig okk?
14/03/19 23:44
Voorzichtig morgen, tga waaien!


03/03/19 13:16
27/02/19 22:36
ha dades?
27/02/19 20:17
nyaaan nynaan
15/02/19 23:08

-the weed
15/02/19 22:32