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The time is standing still
As I'm screaming down the hill
We're frozen here in time
I can't hear a sound other than my heart
Which is shattered on the ground
My heart beats in time
With the sound
A ticking clock constantly counting down
I never dreamed I'd be in my twenties
A hole in my chest that left me with nothing
Old memories up in flames
Only myself to blame

So here I am
With my heart in my hands
Searching for the chance
To be something more
I fear that it's gone
And I've tried my best to hold on
But I'm slipping now
With no one to catch me

I've tried so hard
To feel just like I used to
I'd rather feel this pain
Than nothing at all
I've fought so hard
To try and break the cycle
A failure I'm forced to meet
Each and every day
Pain Is Temporary,Glory Is Forever.
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