We've got Hornes on our Helmets
And Metal in our Blood
We dress ourselves in Leather
and we worship Pagan Gods
We've got Runes on our Helmets
To serve and to protect
And the Hammer of the Thundergod
Is tied around my neck
Varjona Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa
Well his roses are perfect
and his words they have no wings.
but I know what he can give me
and I like to know these things.
And if your eyes are the gateway to your soul
What’s broken will be whole again
And ’whole’ is hard to shatter
I’ll dive into your eyes, I’m never coming out
Not until we all dissolve into what matters

You want to burry secrets deep inside
But it’s too cold a place to hide them all
How much longer
Still somewhere in your eyes i see
A wall of fire moving toward me
I’m here

When the light of the day
shines bright above you
but your own shadows
unsharpen your vieuw

when someone troubles
your interpretation
of what’s good and wrong
but you don’t care
cause everything looks pink
in the world you’re living

when two lips simply touch
and a tongue slips in between
when two people embrace eatchother
and kiss their problems away

it’s that moment
most people long for
but few experience
I saw it once
with my own eyes
just "to see"
& I can assure you
to me it stays

a stageshow

Thought I knew you
but I clearly not
It was impossible to forget your stupidness
perhaps I forgot

And now you go on
with your new girlfriend
and I’m glad to say:
see you never again
this is the end
Varjona Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa
Leeftijd 27
Geboortedatum 23/3/1993
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School Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Richting Bachelor kunstwetenschappen
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