A grand design
Where the days are numbered
Count me in

Got a phone full of numbers
and a list full of names
No one to call, not much to say

I'd sooner chew my leg off
Than be trapped in this.
How easy you think of all of this
as bittersweet me


14/08 19:24   Prince : Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?
14/08 19:18   Prince : I Wanna Be Your Lover
14/08 19:13   Red Hot Chili Peppers : Behind the Sun
14/08 19:12   Red Hot Chili Peppers : Skinny Sweaty Man
14/08 19:09   Red Hot Chili Peppers : I Could Die for You
14/08 19:05   Red Hot Chili Peppers : Can't Stop
14/08 18:59   Red Hot Chili Peppers : Dosed
14/08 18:55   Red Hot Chili Peppers : This Is the Place
14/08 18:51   Red Hot Chili Peppers : We Believe
14/08 18:45   Red Hot Chili Peppers : Hey
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14/08/18 21:11
Ik kan wel enkele namen van groepen geven hoor als dat kan helpen: iced earth, metallica, malevolent, ted nugent, kiss, motorhead, florence & the machine, flock of seagull, evil shepherd, the dubliners, kataklysm, beth hart, ... echt vanalles dus :p maar heel veel :p
14/08/18 20:49
vriend heeft een stuk al opgelost. Pb me je mail anders :)