Time kills the pain
24/05/09 23:39
Take it away
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Hide the truth from my eyes
Leeftijd 28
Geboortedatum 3/8/1991
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School Universiteit Hasselt
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Wasting time on what you can't get .
Bleed the skyline dry

Starin’ at the cracks in the walls because I’m waiting for it all to come to an end
- I don’t even feel the pain, I don’t even want to try

I love when it’s all too much - it’s so on right now

Everyone is a kid that no-one cares about - You just have to keep screaming until they hear you out

All the words that we have to say don’t leave when the moment comes . We know we have to wait . As the days go on and the places fade away into dirt and into dust, it all fades away
- Bleed the skyline dry .

One day you’ll get sick of saying everything is allright . And by then I’m sure I’ll be free . I didn’t choose this role but I’ll play it and make it sincere

Burn your heart out