Sweeter than fever
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23/06/14 23:47
06/04/11 22:47
06/04/11 22:47
And I realise all about your lies
But I’m no wiser than the fool I was before
I just want you closer
You’ve gone too far and you should hang your head in shame
For these wounds I cannot stay
You’ve gone too far, you broke my heart
You should beg forgiveness
Your love is a symphony
All around me
Running through me
Your love is a melody
Undereath me
Running to me
Your love keeps on coming like a thunderbolt
Come here a little closer
’Cause I wanna see you, baby
Real close up
You undo me and move me, in ways undefined.
You’re all I see
You’re all I need
Psycho Killer
Leeftijd 26
Geboortedatum 28/12/1992
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Speak in silent tongues
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