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Move the house, break the house down.
"Het einde is in zicht.. jaaa!"
"Made her first laptopcover for Sjaalini"
" Working on a new project.. Sjaalini"
"Finished another Sjaalini scarve!"
Rock -Queens of the stone age, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Garbage, Gorki, The Verve, Editors , Nirvana, Good Charlotte, WoodFace, Metallica, Muse, Arsenal, U2, Blocparty, The von bondies, Therapy?, Pixies, Daan, Depeche Mode, Placebo, Slipknot, Korn, The Hives, The Thrills, Snowpatrol, Soad, Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, José Gonsalez, Studio Brussel, Admiral Freebee, Daan, Hooverphonic, Mauro, dEUS, My chemical romance, Fall out boy, Jeroentjeh, Absynthe minded, Eagles, Madskat, Goddamn minivan, Mercury league, Cranberries, Oasis, Faithless, A Brand, Fake, Hands Of Time, Milow, Massive Attack, Mint, De Mens, Arctic Monkeys, Soulwax,Bush, Papa Roach, Pennywise, Nine Inch Nails, Jimmy Eat World, Feeder, Puddle Of Mud, P.O.D, Stereophonic, Delavega, Guano Apes, Cream & Spices, The violent Husbands, Waldorf, Green - Lizard, Hollywood pornstars, Jimmy eat world, The Agitators, The Whocares, The Sedan Vault, Hinder, The fray,
Smashing Pumpkins!, Local natives, bombay bicycle club, Horses,...
True Romance, Pulp Fiction, The Shawshank Redemption,
From Dusk Till Down, Reservoir Dogs, The Green Mile, Se7en, 7 Years In Tibet, Lord Of The Rings , The Ring, Woodstock, Spirited Away, A promise to caroline, Corps Bride, Monty phytons, The Matrix 1.2.3, Scary Movie 1.2.3, Kill Bill 1.2, Ad fundum, Confituur, The deer hunter, jackie brown, Blue Velvet , Lost Highway, L'Enfant, American Beauty, L'Ours, The Big Blue, Save The Last Dance, Un Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulin, Moulin Rouge,Trainspotting, Pirates of the Carribian, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Rambo, American Pie 1& 2,.. Food inc, inside deep throat, best movie ever sold, i never left
Lost, The Simpsons, My Wife And Kids, Happy Little Tree Friends, Brand New, Viva La Bam, Wild Boyz, JackAss, The Family Guy, Punk'D, Project runaway (fashion program),
Parelvissers, De laatste Show, Sex and The City, Made, De grote Geschiedenis Show, Oprah, The L Word...
Final Fantasy, Lord Of The Rings, Prince Of Persia, Lara Croft ( I Rule Them All)
Kill Zone, SSX3, Gran Tourismo, Tekken, Ghost Recon 1.2,
Girls can like Games too!
De Geur Van Sterfelijkheid, De Da Vinci Code, Dodelijk Patroon, Vlinders En Vriendinnen, Nieuwe Buren, Flirten Met Verhalen, Humo, Zoenoffer, Moordkuil...
Duister verleden, de verborgen glimlach, ...
Fotograferen, haken, breien, naaien, lezen

Sym, Zico, Oona
Frieten met Ketchup, Lasagne, Exotische Keuken, Tiramisu yummie!
Peren, kokosnoten
Algemene info
Leeftijd 28
Geboortedatum 1/7/1991
Geslacht v
Woonplaats Gent
Status relatie
Job Maatschappelijk Assistent
Registratie 15/02/06 16:30
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