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~Who Controls the Media?~
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~New age~
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Geboortedatum 3/5/1993
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~Voice of a Generation~
~Razors in the Night~
You don’t want me anymore
so I’ll just walk right out the door.
Played a game right from the start, I trust you,
you used me now my hearts all torn apart.

So I’m sailin, well I’m sailin on. Well I’m movin, hey I’m movin on. Sail on, sail on.

Try to see if I’ll give up.
But there wasn’t any luck.
It’s a fact, fact of life.
That’s the games, games of strife.
Everything is all in stride.

There’s too many years with too many tears,
and too many days, with nothing to say,
and how will we know when there’s nowhere to grow.
And what’s the facts for life to show.