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Check 't éh makker, ik geef a trappen, kletsen en klappen...

They tell you home's where the heart is
But I got a hole where my heart is
Because I let a hoe where my heart is
Never again, I had to tell her that we're better as friends. I never messaged again
In a weird way summer is the coldest season
You'll get killed at a party for the smallest reason
One day you're chilling in secondary
Next day your right hand's a memory
So when I say that I'm alone, do you know the feeling?
When I say the game's over, do you know the meaning?
The only L's that i'm hiding in my closet have a V after
Man, I think I'm going mad again
It's like I'm happy for a second then I'm sad again
And to my fans, the reason I could get to this
You're my drug, the instrumental my therapist
Man, I need some therapy
My girl saying that she'll never leave
I'm scared she gonna find a better me
Deeper insecurities, like
What if I don't leave a legacy?
24/06/19 21:05
Mijn vriend en ik zijn in blijde verwachting van ons eerste kindje :]
13/11/18 00:29
Jep, not steeds ^^
21/10/18 19:55
Hoe doet gij dat toch, uw appartement/huis betalen en sparen voor al uw reizen. :(
21/10/18 15:23
Gaat ge met uw gurlfriend?
01/10/18 21:08
YES! <3