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I Might As Well Take A Gun And Put It To His Head!
pink!! ;)
R&B!!!! shake me die billleeee:d
te veel om te zegge.. :p
een hondje zirkatje
uitgaan natuurlijk!:d Partyannimalsss! with my GIRLIEH EVERY WEEKEND TOOO NOXXXX!!!!!!!!
News !

little hannieeee
Didn’t mean to cause a fight
Boy, I was just jealous
Didn’t mean to make you cry
But I was just jealous
When I saw you with a girl
I couldn’t resist
Cause I knew this was it

Would’ve told you just to hold me
The reason to worry
Never thought you’d pack
And leave like that in a hurry???
We’re just going through a phase
But now that you’re gone...
I know it’s too late:(
When you walked out that gate

Ik ga jemissen !x

sebiet carré me yasmine !

morge 22-12-06 normaal 3jaar same:( :(

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