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Leeftijd 27
Geboortedatum 10/1/1993
Geslacht m
Status vrijgezel
School Francesco Paviljoen
Registratie 07/10/10 18:50
Thought i was at a Nicki Minaj concert for 20 min before i realized i was just watching a homeless man yell at a pigeon.
"I wanna watch the whole world burn down!" ?
May the 4th be with you!
Groezrock zat snor!
if love exists, then I guess love can't feel
Or am I supposed to feel it?
How can I show love to her,
when I don't even feel it?
How can I show love to the world
when I don't believe in it?
Show me what love looks like.
As I close my eyes every night,
I'm ready to breathe, I'm ready to believe,
I'm ready to be alive,
Just show me what love looks like,
Because you are love and I'm alive.
sexy porno bilder
10/01/16 19:04
Fijne verjaardag!
26/05/15 21:46
XD give this man a medal!
21/04/15 19:54
Ik word stil van uw nieuwsje
05/04/15 19:24
I love the 90's sowieso
03/04/15 17:22
Waar is de tijd!
03/04/15 12:17
Wijsheden van Tito! :D
10/01/15 19:23
Fijne verjaardag!
No u
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