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you spin around me like a dream^^
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Don't make a sound, there watching
f you don't want my affection
Don't lie, you're tearing me up
Cause you've got all my attention
I won't lie, you're tearing me up
I'm trying to tell your intention
When you lie, you're tearing me up
If you don't want my affection
You won't mind, you're tearing me up
You're tearing me up

I don't know what you want from me
So careless in your company
I will follow what you say is true
There'll be no getting over you
So we're now playing by your rules
If you're a joker then I'm a fool
I guess there's no catching up to you
You're tearing me up

Now let me see you bang it
I like it when you bang it
Now let me see you shake it
I wanna see you shake it
Now let me see you freak it
I love it when you freak it
Now let me see you work it
I wanna see you twerk it

Bang that till you pass out
Shake that till you pass out
Freak that till you pass out
Work that till you pass out

I've been staring down your way
Don't know exactly what to say
I'm wondering if you feel the same

Because everytime I'm looking down
The questions what you're dancing around
I'm sick of playing silly games

Tell me, am I the type you go for?
Am I just wasting my time?
Should I carry on?
Or should I say no more?
All of the things running through my mind

Oh tell me, tell me baby

Revenge is not
in my plans.

You'll fuck yourself
on your own.
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