Hazed out
06/07/15 20:58
27/06/15 08:58
24/06/15 21:09
22/11/14 13:31
A l'amour, à la misère
Missing you
Forever & always
And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to
The love you make
-'This could be us'
But it ain't
Leeftijd 31
Geboortedatum 2/12/1988
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Woonplaats Oostrozebeke
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It's ok
16/06/14 00:18
He calls my name as shelter
Not realising I am the storm
da vind ik een goeike
Affection is a mean one
Omdat 't kan
I was never rly into music. Until I was about 2yrs old (:
Psychological shit, Comedy, Action, Horror(therealdeal)
Sons of Anarchy, The 100, Stranger Things, Darker, House md, How I met your mother, Two and a half men, blablablaa
PS3/4; PC; Poker; DrinkingGames.
Magz, psychological, tracklists.
The kiddo.
I run, not as much as I'm supposed to but heeyy.
Running after the kiddo.
Witloof in dn oven, sowieso
Chaos, Rex & Opie
Buy the ticket
Take the ride
Wash our hands
Bring magic

For love
For freedom
For madness

Honoring intuition
Living authentically
Heart and eyes ablaze