I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.

Edgar Allan Poe
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FACTS 2015 was zalig. Veel beter dan vorig jaar eigenlijk... Op naar GameForce volgend weekend, maybe I'll see you there ;)
Born amidst mistakes

thee who are bound
neglected and forsworn
are we not the essence
in ashes and dust thou are born

we smother, gnaw, break unnafected
in our own neglectful and sinister way
the barren soil, haunted by memories past
shant we leave it on his unfruitful way

as broken skeletons, remnants long forgotten
earthly spires rise amidst green shores
keeping the peace, like stones unturned
stars dwindling down on ashen floors

is it our hand that fed the great devourer
is this why we still exist
can we still uphold the balance
or are we born to be the monster in the mist

I'm back, went on an awesome hike via the Wicklow Way in Dublin to Glendalough and back. Saw some breathtaking views with some spectacular drops. Definitely worth going back.
Jeej, arrived at Dublin ^^
back next week after a long hike to Glendalough and back 8D
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31/10/15 12:42
The person that is me
The whole colour spectrum. But seriously, bright pink is fugly!
Mostly metal, but a little hint of classical influences can suffice.
Lotr, Underworld, My Neighbour Totoro,...
Is Njam a tv show?
Monster Hunter, TES, Bioshock,...
The Hobbit, Hary Potter, Stephen Kings, Agatha Christie,...
Being a musician, artist, cook,...
Crossfit now and then
5 cats and 1 rabbit