Wil je vreugde vermenigvuldigen, dan moet je haar delen
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You never look like yourself from the side
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Hang je wolken te drogen aan de zon
He could not stop touching her, caressing her, taking every opportunity to place a hand on her leg or shoulder, and even when talking to me he was in constant physical contact with her. In his presence she seemed less anxious, less uncertain of herself. She needed only a gesture or a look of reassurance, and it was all: Are you there? I'm here. But really? Yes, I told you, yes.
And he would say: it's only you townies who use the word nature. And it's as abstract to you as the word itself. We say wood, meadow, river, rock, things that we can actually point to. Things that can be used. If they can't be used, we don't bother to even give them a name: it would be pointless to do so.
Leave me out with the waste
This is not what I do